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Hi, my name is Michael Bridges, I'm the owner of Triangle Comics. Our goal here at Triangle Comics is to create comic books that have somewhat of a twist to them. Our first attempt to achieve this goal was a book called "Area 13". "Area 13" was first published in 1997. We published two issues, but because of other commitments and lack of time, we were forced to suspend publication for awhile. We are now getting back to the business of creating comics and hope to have something new to show you very soon. As I mentioned we're working on a project that will be our flagship publication titled "Strange Things". Like "Area 13" "Strange Things" is an anthology book that will contain different stories from different creators. Stay tuned for more info in the future. Area 13 one and two are still available here and you can get a peek at them, in our preview area. I sincerly hope you keep checking in with us to see our progress.