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Welcome to the gallery page. What we hope to do here, is put up artwork from some of the creators that have or will work on some of our projects. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the work.

Mike Jones
Mike Did a story titled "Sludge" in issue two of "Area 13". Mike will also be doing a story in our new project "Strange Things".Here is some of Mike's work. You can contact Mike at:

Troy Gillogly
Troy Did a stories in both issue one and two of "Area 13" titled "Dreamscape", it was a two part story. Here is some of Troy's work. You can contact Troy at:

Roy Dornbucsh
Roy Did a story in issue one of "Area 13" titled "Forget Me Not". Here is some of Roy's work. You can contact Roy at:

Tim Doe
Tim is an artist from across the pond. He is from England and will be illustrating a story written by another Englishman, Edward Griffiths aka St. Boniface, in an upcoming issue of "Strange Things". Here is the main character from Edward and Tim's "Strange Things" story. You can contact Tim at: